Burundi scores 4.7/10 and is on track in implementing the Malabo Declaration on Agriculture transformation in Africa.

Highlights of the 5 key areas of strong performance of the country

for CAADP Process Completion.
for inclusive institutionalized mechanisms for mutual accountability and peer review.
of youth engaged in new job opportunities in agriculture value chains.
of farm, pastoral, and fisher households are resilient to climate and weather related shocks.
of total agricultural research spending as a share of agriculture GDP.

Highlights of the 5 key areas that require the country's attention

increase of agricultural value added per agricultural worker.
increase of agricultural value added per arable land.
increase of the value of intra-Africa trade of agricultural commodities and services.
of the population is undernourished.
response to spending needs on social protection for vulnerable social groups, from the government budget.
  • Burundi to establish necessary measures to increase agricultural productivity to shift the current negative tendency, and come on track for achieving the CAADP Malabo goal of doubling productivity by 2025.
  • The country should ensure the yearly 100% budget allocation to the social protection requirements for the vulnerable social groups.
  • The country should increase government spending sufficiently to cater for resilience building initiatives.


Overall country score: 4.6

2017 Country Scorecard for implementing Malabo Declaration

Malabo Commitments Areas (T) Commitments Categories (C)
No. Item Score Mimimum Score progress No. Item Score Mimimum Score progress
1Re-committing to CAADP Process6.663.33On Track
1Completing National CAADP Process10.003.33On Track
2Establishing CAADP based Policy & Institutional Review/ Setting/ Support6.333.33On Track
3Establishing CAADP based Cooperation, Partnership & Alliance3.653.33On Track
2Enhancing Investment Finance in Agriculture1.436.67Not on Track
1Enhancing access to finance0.303.33Not on Track
2Public Expenditure in Agriculture2.5510.00Not on Track
3Ending Hunger by 20252.953.71Not on Track
1Access to Agriculture inputs and technologies5.015.53Not on Track
2Doubling agricultural Productivity0.301.00Not on Track
3Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss0.001.00Not on Track
4Strengthening Social Protection7.5210.00Not on Track
5Improving Food security and Nutrition1.921.00On Track
4Halving Poverty through Agriculture by 20253.882.06On Track
1Sustaining Agricultural GDP for Poverty Reduction0.003.25Not on Track
2Establishing Inclusive PPPs for commodity value chains2.001.00On Track
3Creating job for Youth in agricultural value chains10.001.00On Track
4Women participation in Agri-business3.503.00On Track
5Boosting Intra-African Trade in Agriculture Commodities3.321On Track
1Tripling Intra-African Trade for agriculture commodities and services0.341.00Not on Track
2Establishing Intra-African Trade Policies and institutional conditions6.301.00On Track
6Enhancing Resilience to Climate Variability7.46On Track
1Ensuring Resilience to climate related risks8.122.00On Track
2Investment in resilience building6.6710.00Not on Track
7Mutual Accountability for Actions and Results7.374.78On Track
1Increasing country capacity for evidence based planning, impl. and M&E2.311.00On Track
2Fostering Peer Review and Mutual Accountability10.003.33On Track
3Conducting a Biennial Agriculture Review Process9.8010.00Not on Track