Inaugural Biennial Review Report of the African Union Commission on the Implementation of the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation for Shared prosperity and Improved Livelihoods


A Biennial Review Team was established to technically guide the overall design of the Biennial Review Reporting Mechanism and develop the report.The BR Team comprised AUC, NPCA, RECs, technical institutions and CAADP non-state actors.

Based on the CAADP Results Framework 2015-2025 and the Malabo Declaration specific goals and targets, AUC in collaboration with NEPAD Agency developed the Strategic Guidelines to establish the review mechanism for the Biennial Reporting that was further endorsed by Member States during the 2nd Retreat of Permanent Secretaries of Ministries of Agriculture in Accra (Ghana) in March 2016 and the 12th CAADP Partnership Platform in Accra (Ghana) in April 2016. The Strategic Guidelines provide guidance on necessary partnership arrangements and the coordination roles of the the Regional Economics Communities (RECs) to fully rollout the biennial review process in a more aligned manner.