Agenda 2063

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In 2015, African leaders adopted Agenda 2063 as the continent’s new long-term vision for the next 50 years. Agenda 2063 aims to optimise the use of Africa’s resources for the benefit of the continent’s people. The NEPAD Agency, the implementing agency of the African Union, has been tasked with fast-tracking the implementation and monitoring of major continental development programmes and frameworks, including Agenda 2063 and the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Work has already commenced by the African Union Commission and NEPAD Agency to domesticate the first 10 year Implementation plan into national and regional plans to ensure effective and aligned implementation at national, regional and continental levels. Furthermore, work has progressed in developing indicator-frameworks to track Agenda 2063, and by extension the SDG. Specifically, efforts are underway to establish near to real-time tracking and periodic evaluation mechanisms, with dedicated focus on building institutional capacities to generate quality statistical data.

The Community of Practice (CoP) on Agenda 2063 aims to provide platforms for sharing expertise to inform effective domestication and planning, promote best practices on implementing, tracking and reporting on the targets and goals enshrined in the first ten years of Agenda 2063 implementation.