Dakar-Ndjamena-Djbouti Road/Rail Project

Project Description

Champion : H.E. President Macky Sall of Senegal, Chair of NEPAD HSGOC

Description : An 8 715 km road/rail project which entails combining TAH 5 (Dakar to N’djamena) and TAH 6 (N’djamena to Djibouti)

Estimated total cost : USD2.21 billion for the road link and USD5.95 for the rail section


Countries : Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti

Background : The project spans ten countries and has both a road and rail component. The road component comprises the construction/renovation of the road between Dakar and Djibouti by combining two Trans-African Highway (TAH) Programme initiatives, TAH 5 (Dakar to N’djamena) and TAH 6 (N’djamena to Djibouti). At present 1 276 km of the missing link falls in the TAH 6 Corridor, 611 km is in Sudan and 665 km in the Ethiopia-Djibouti stretch. There are no missing road links on TAH 5. The total road project will span 8 715 km. The railway component entails the construction of a new railway network with standard gauge. Missing links are located between Ati in Chad and Damzin in Sudan (3 686 km) and between Bitkine and Mondo in Chad and Gedaref in Sudan (4 056 km). The completed railway line will run through Dakar, Tambacounda and Kedougou in Senegal, Keniebu, Bamako and Bougouni-Sikasso in Mali, and Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, covering a distance of approximately 3 871 km.

The enhancement of the road and railway lines under this project will not only ensure greater mobility of people and goods, but will support the development of land transport on the African continent. Since the project will cross the entire continent from east to west, it will enhance regional integration and trade, and will specifically improve trade and import and export opportunities for landlocked countries.

Current Status: The Dakar-Bamako Rail Project has been prioritised by the Government of Senegal as the first phase of the Project. It entails the construction of a new railway network with standard gauge, running from Dakar-TambacoundaKedougou (in Senegal) - Keniebu-Bamako-Bougouni-Sikasso (in Mali) - Bobo Dioulasso (in Burkina Faso). The project was featured as one of the bankable PIDA projects during the Dakar Financing Conference that was held in June 2014.  The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) will finance all technical studies, whilst the project implementation phase is expected to start before 2018.  

NEPAD Agency

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