Regional Dialogue and National Training: Contract Negotiation & Fiscal Policies in the Extractive Industries

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Event Date:
05 -
Country: Kenya
City: Nairobi
Venue: Nairobi

The Regional dialogue aims to provide:

  1.  An opportunity to stimulate the dialogue on contract negotiation, fiscal regime design and IFFs within and between stakeholders in the Extractive Industries (EI) in Africa,

  2. An opportunity to train Senior Government officials from the Ministry of Mines/Natural resources and the Ministry of Finance on contract negotiation strategy, fiscal regime building and fighting IFFs at the National level.

NEPAD Agency

The regional dialogue will be held in two days and a half and will be followed by 1 day of training and capacity building at the national level.

Stakeholders will participant in dialogues and training courses on the following issues: (i) contract negotiation and fiscal modeling; (ii) designing/revising fiscal regimes; and (iii) how to identify and avoid IFFs.