Missing Links on the Trans-Sahara Highway

Project Description

Champion : H.E. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria

Description : Construction of 225 km of road between Assamakka and Arlit, Niger

Estimated total cost : USD102 million


Countries : Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia, Mali and Chad

Background: The Trans-Sahara Highway is an important regional trade route spanning Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Tunisia, Mali and Chad. At present, 85 per cent of the highway is paved, however the missing links (which are the focus of this project) are marked track over sand sheets. The project entails the construction and renovation of the missing links on this transnational highway. Since the project’s completion will make it easier to cross the borders on this route, people and goods will be transported faster and more effectively across the region. The upgrading of the highway will also boost regional integration and trade and will provide for seamless road transport between Algers in Algeria and Lagos in Nigeria (a distance of over 5 000 km).

Current Status: Construction of the 125 km missing link (Package I) commenced in July 2015, while Package II (100Km) of this project is expected to commence in February 2016. It is estimated that both packages will be completed in 2017.   


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