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Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI)

Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI)-ALGERIA

Project : Missing Links on the Trans-Sahara Highway

Description : Construction of 225 km of road between Assamakka and Arlit, Niger

Estimated total cost : USD102 million 


Project : Optic fibre Link between Algeria and Nigeria via Niger

Description : Installation of 4 500 km of terrestrial optic fibre cable

Estimated total cost : USD80 million


Projects : Nigeria-Algeria Gas Pipeline Project (Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline) 

Description :  A 4 401 km natural gas pipeline from Nigeria to Algeria via Niger, and from Algeria to Spain

Estimated total cost : USD10 billion (48” line) and USD13.7 billion (56” line) (2006)


Project : Unblocking Political Bottlenecks for ICT Broadband and optic fibre Projects Linking Neighbouring States

Description : The use of political gravitas and goodwill to unblock and facilitate political bottlenecks affecting the implementation of ICT broadband and optic fibre projects on the continent

Estimated total cost : N/A


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