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Gender - Angola


•Through MIMFAMU awareness sessions of the New Law from 2011 on GBV for Justice Officials, traditional authorities, civil society organizations, municipalities and districts.

•Through MIMFAMU Institutional Strengthening  of Houses for Family counselling  in 14 Provinces and Strengthening of the services of assistance to GBV victims in 13 Provinces through training of 122 advisors on New Law of GBV, Family legislation and legal and family counselling.

•Through MIMFAMU Creation of National Statistics Data Base of Gender and training of staff for the Ministry.

•74 435 women empowered economic and financial terms: Income generation skills; Deployment of technical assistance to boost agriculture production for both consumption and commercial purposes; Accessing agricultural extension services; Promotion of gender inclusiveness in decision making; Creation of enabling environment to access land; Land tenure and legalization of land title for women; Youth job creation; SME management; Informal and Regional Trade development·

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