Optic fibre Link between Algeria and Nigeria via Niger

Project Description

Champion : H.E. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria

Description : Installation of 4 500 km of terrestrial optic fibre cable

Estimated total cost : USD80 million


Countries : Algeria, Niger, Nigeria and Chad

Background : The 4 500 km optic fibre line will run from Algeria (2 500 km), through Niger (950 km) to Nigeria (850 km), along the Nigeria-Algeria Gas Pipeline (Trans-Sahara Gas Pipeline). Improved internet access and speed will not only connect the countries involved to the rest of the continent, but also to global trade partners. Better network availability will lead to reduced costs for ICT services. Furthermore, direct cable-based internet links will enable improved healthcare and education links, enhance job opportunities and are expected to slow down the emigration of skilled labour.

Current Status: The Algeria section has been completed and is now fully operational. The feasibility study for Chad, funded by AfDB for 200 million CFA, has been completed, whilst the study for Niger is estimated to be completed in 2016. It is expected that the optic fibre will be further extended to other neighbouring states. 


NEPAD Agency

Dr John Tambi

Senior Advisor – Transport Infrastructure and PICI Coordinator


Office: +27 11 256 3678 Mobile: +27 83 257 1828

Country Focal Point Algeria

Mr Hakim Ichira

Director of ICT, Ministry of Post and ICT, Algeria