Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) describes agricultural practices, approaches and systems that sustainably and reliably increase food production and the ability of farmers to earn a living while protecting or restoring the environment. The Africa CSA alliance aims to build the food and nutrition security of the rural poor so that farm families have access to enough nutritious food at all times, even in the face of a changing climate.
Six million smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa will be empowered by 2021 through climate smart agriculture practices, approaches and systems.

CSA practices enable farming communities to:

•    Sustainably and reliably increase agricultural productivity and incomes;
•    Adapt and build resilience to extreme weather events and a changing climate; and
•    Where appropriate, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and concentrations.

The Alliance is coordinated by a pan-African steering committee comprising its executive members, together representing government, research institutions and civil society.

The Africa CSA alliance is committed to action, and to maximising the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of scaling-up activities. Many of its members and supporters have substantial expertise in scaling-up CSA, and collectively provide a strong foundation for developing effective collaborative approaches.

Preliminary vulnerability and capacity assessments have been conducted across Africa, and regionally appropriate activities prioritised. The Alliance is working with relevant government ministries and other key stakeholders to harmonise existing plans and initiatives in a growing number of sub-Saharan African countries. Currently, national CSA scaling-up plans are being developed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

Alliance members are currently developing high-level concepts for each country. Country sub-committees will be formed, including as far as possible all major stakeholders working in each country. These sub-committees will refine concepts to ensure they are contextually appropriate and will develop detailed proposals.



Case Studies

Country Profiles


Meeting Documents

The launch of the Africa CSA Alliance and the Africa CSA Alliance Forum is a critical milestone in facilitating the sharing and learning on the various CSA initiatives and thereby fostering alignment and harmonisation in the responses and initiatives of African institutions...

This document is concept note for the 2nd Africa CSA Alliance Forum, convened by NEPAD Agency in liaison with the Government of Kenya and support from GIZ, FAO, IFAD and the NEPAD-iNGO Alliance on CSA. ...

Policy Briefs

Climate Diplomacy is the interface between national interest debates and international cooperation. It ensures the accurate assessment of other countries’ interests and intentions, and finds the space for agreement. This is essential for establishing the links between domestic...

Policy Report

The African Pavilion at COP21 aimed to host various presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions to address climate change and sustainable development topics relevant to Africa. This report is a compilation of over 100  side events that took place at the African Pavilion during...


in its 31st African Union Summit (Malabo, June 2014) the Heads of State and Government were clear in theirreslove to commit to action on the agriculture-climate change nexus issue. In the Summit Decisions on NEPAD, the Heads of State and Government endorsed the NEPAD programme on agriculture...

10 November 2016
The NEPAD Agency is undertaking a number of engagements towards supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Visit the Africa Pavilion at COP22 in Marrakech!!
26 October 2016
Most countries in Africa are making efforts to highlight the impacts of climate on agriculture. However, despite these efforts, gaps and disconnects still exist between climate change impacts and...
13 September 2016
The NEPAD Agency and the Pardee Center for International Futures launched a report that helps to put in perspective the magnitude of the task ‘to zero hunger by 2025,’ while highlighting the major...
02 May 2016
Mr. Amadou Diallo, the ambassador of NEPAD in Senegal, on Monday urged member states to reform their tax codes, noting that this could possibly impact the growth and increase “agricultural...
19 April 2016
The only way Africa can deliver tangible results in agriculture is to mobilise its own human and financial resources and invest more in the sector.
  • 28 Nov 2017

    "The 4th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture (The 4th GSC-CSA)" takes forward the initiative on research and science started in October 2010 with the aim to bring science to bear on practical advances in scaling up climate smart agriculture. Three scientific...

  • 11 Oct 2016

    Dear All,
    Under the auspices of the Government of Kenya, the NEPAD Agency will convene the 2nd Africa Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Alliance scheduled for 11-13 October, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Africa CSA Alliance is spearheading...

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