African Union Assembly Decisions on NEPAD (2001-2014)


The compendium reflects the strategic outcomes of the deliberations of the NEPAD HSGOC (previously known as the NEPAD Heads of State and Government Implementation Committee – HSGIC). It spans over twelve (12) years of close interaction and engagement by Africa’s highest level decision and policy makers on Africa’s inclusive growth trajectory, sustainable development initiatives and international partnerships.This maiden volume marks the policy pronouncements, orientation and direction by African Leaders to shape the second decade in the implementation of NEPAD whereby all stakeholders and partners work in harmony to achieve greater results and impact. To this effect, NEPAD continues to propel new African thinking on development approaches to achieve the vision of ‘an integrated, prosperous and peaceful continent driven by its citizens’, to make transformation real.

FRENCH VERSIONS of AU Assembly Decisions & Declarations on NEPAD:

July 2003 
July 2004 
January 2005 
January 2006  
January 2007 
July 2007 
January 2008 
July 2008 
February 2009 
July 2009 
January 2010 
July 2010
January 2011 
July 2011 
January 2012 
July 2012 
January 2013 
May 2013 
January 2014 
June 2014