First Progress Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Pan African e-Network on Tele-Education and Tele-Medicine: Meeting of the Permanent Representative's Committee: 29 March 2018: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  • Members of the Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC) will recall that at the Joint African Union (AU) Commission – PRC Retreat, held in Cairo, Egypt, from 10 to 11 December 2017, I undertook to ensure that the Commission submits regular reports to the PRC on its activities and the implementation of the relevant decisions of the AU Policy Organs. On 7 March 2018, during the interaction I had with the PRC, I provided the list of issues on which the Commission will be briefing the PRC between March and July 2018.
  • I am pleased to provide the first report on the Pan-African e-Network (PAeN). This report provides the genesis of the PAeN and an overview of the activities undertaken within the framework of the project, highlights the achievements made and the challenges encountered, and concludes with observations on the way forward.
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