Arab Maghreb Union (AMU)

 There are four NEPAD programmes being implemented in AMU.The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) promotes regional economic integration by building mutually beneficial infrastructure and strengthening the ability of countries to trade and establish regional value chains for increased competitiveness. The objective of the Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI) is to ensure that the PIDA projects are implemented within a five year timeframe, so as to fast-track regional integration. The Africa Power Vision is a continent-wide, long-term vision to increase access to reliable and affordable energy for Africans. It focuses on one of the four key infrastructure sectors of PIDA, namely energy. Through NEPAD’s Capacity Development Programme, the Agency works to enhance human, institutional and knowledge-based capacity of African institutions.

Current Programmes:

  • Africa Power Vision:

  • PIDA:

  • PICI:

  • Capacity Development

  • RECs Capacity Development Focal Points 


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