Goal 1
Africa as a major partner in global affairs and peaceful co-existence
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Africa’s place in global affairs

National infrastructure for African networked space research and exploration in place
National systems / infrastructure for research and development t is fully functional
Increase 2013 level of exports by 20% in real terms
Africa Speaks with One Voice on Global Affairs
African Space Agency established and is fully operational
Strategic Freight Maritime Task Force is established
AU Standalone department for Maritime Affairs to be responsible for AIMS implementation established.
African Island States are fairly represented in appointments to regional / continental and international bodies.
All Colonies are free by 2020
National statistical system fully functional

Priority Areas: Partnership

African Global Partnership Platform is inaugurated by 2016 and functional by 2017
100% of the operational budget; 75% of the programme budget and 25% of the peace keeping budget would be funded by the AU by 2021
Goal 2
Africa takes full responsibility for financing her development
2023 Targets

Priority Areas:

National capital market finances at least 10% of development expenditure

Priority Areas: Capital market

African Credit Guarantee Facility is fully functional
African Remittances Institute is fully operational by 2020
Africa Investment Bank established by 2025 including a window for the promotion of blue / ocean economy.
Regional Stock Exchanges are in place
Diaspora Investment Fund is operational by 2018
Additional financial resources mobilised from multiple sources

Priority Areas: Fiscal system and Public Sector Revenues

Tax and non-tax revenue of all levels of government should cover at least 75% of current and development expenditure
Effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships encouraged and promoted

Priority Areas: Development Assistance

Proportion of aid in the national budget is at most 25% of 2013 level
Africa as a major partner in global affairs and peaceful co-existence