Goal 1
African Cultural Renaissance is pre-eminent
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Values and Ideals of Pan Africanism

At least 60% of content in educational curriculum is on indigenous African culture, values and language targeting primary and secondary schools
An Agency for Diaspora Affairs/ Relations is in place and will be facilitating the Diaspora contributions to development
At least 60% increase in local content in all print and electronic productions and media
Dual Citizenship granted to the Diaspora
Encyclopaedia Africana is completed
All legacy projects are completed by 2020

Priority Areas: Cultural Values and African Renaissance

At least 20% of the citizenry participate in culture and appreciate the creative arts
National languages used as part of the administrative processes of the country
At least 70% of Member States are fully implementing the Charter for African Culture and Renaissance
Linguistic Atlas for Africa Completed

Priority Areas: Cultural Heritage, Creative Arts and Businesses

National Agency / focal point for the promotion of creative art businesses is in place by 2017
At least 20% of technical and vocational institutions have programmes on the creation /generation of cultural artifacts, skills development for the generation / preservation of cultural assets and the creation and management of micro-cultural enterprises
Mechanism in place for inter-generational cultural dialogue
At least 30% of all national cultural treasures that are identified are retrieved, protected, archived and valued
At least 70% of Member States areimplementing the AU Plan of Action on Culture and the Creative Industries
All African cultural treasures / patrimony retrieved
Framework for Adoption of African Heritage Sites is in place by 2018
The 2013 level of Africa’s contribution to World Heritage Sites is doubled by 2025
African Cultural Renaissance is pre-eminent