Goal 1
Peace, Security and Stability are Preserved
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Maintenance and Restoration of Peace and Security

Level of conflict emanating from ethnicity, all forms of exclusion , religious and political differences is at most 50% of 2013 levels
Entrenched culture of peace
African Standby-Force and the Rapid Deployment Capability to be in place by 2018
Fully functional CEWS and early warning systems of RECs by 2018
APSA is up-dated to reflect security concerns related to piracy, drug-trafficking, human trafficking and transnational crimes including terrorism
Panel of the Wise and PanWise fully operational and under-taking conflict prevention initiatives
Goal 2
A Stable and Peaceful Africa
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Institutional Structure for AU Instruments on Peace and Security

Silence All Guns by 2020
Complete civilian control of security services within democratic practices, rule of law and due processes by 2025

Priority Areas: Defence, Security and Peace

Sufficiently capable security services by 2020
Respect to rules of engagement and human rights in conflict situations is entrenched in the security forces
Common Defence and Security Policy is fully operational by 2020
Review of African Peace and Security Protocol is completed by 2016
Goal 3
A Fully Functional and Operational African Peace and Security Architecture
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Operationalization of APSA Pillars

National standby contingent of the ASF ready in all operational aspects
National Peace Council is established by 2016
Full compliance to funding Africa’s peace and security institutions obligations
Ready for deployment and engagement African Stand By Force
Well-equipped, competent regional security structures / mechanisms to participate in continental assignments
Peace, Security and Stability are Preserved