• 43 countries joined the CAADP process

    resulting in improved agricultural planning, budgeting and development across the continent

  • Public agricultural expenditures increased on average by more than 7 % per year

    nearly doubling public agricultural expenditures since the launch of CAADP in 2003

  • 39 countries developed national agriculture and food security investment plans

    these have become their medium term expenditure frameworks for agriculture

  • Four out of eight regional economic communities signed regional compacts…

    three RECs developed complete investment plans

  • Fast-tracked the implementation of agricultural commitments

    by developing guidelines to support countries in the planning, formulation and implementation of national agriculture investment plans (NAIP)

  • Developed the African Union Business Plan
    to catalyse the acceleration of agriculture industrialisation
  • Tracked progress of 47 countries on agricultural commitments

    developed Africa Agriculture Transformation Scorecard to drive agricultural productivity and development and to monitor country performance towards agricultural commitments

  • Developed a framework to stimulate agri-business and investments

    the Country Agribusiness Partnerships Framework aims to supplement CAADP national agriculture and food security investment plans