As clearly recognised in the NEPAD founding framework and Environment Action Plan, a sustainable environment is a pre-requisite to achieving NEPAD’s overall goal of sustainable growth and development. In that regard, NPCA is involved in the implementation of the Environment Action Plan (EAP), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and continental frameworks. As part of its core mandates, the NEPAD Agency contributes to strengthening the ability of member States and Regional Economic Communities to integrate climate change and sustainable development responses into national development processes. It also provide capacity building, financial and technical support in the areas of adaptation, technology development and finance; and their inter-linkages. Concerning natural resources management, NPCA will promote adaptive management, participatory decision making and sustainable financing through funds for ecosystems services management including tourism development and management. This will address the incoherent approach to natural.

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Chief Executive Officer, Africa