Official Name: Republic of Benin
Capital: Porto-Novo
Independence Day: 1 August 1960
Currency: CFA franc (XOF)

Key Results

  • Benin received 24USD million from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme for supporting food production and building resilience in the departments of Alibouri, Borgu and Collines to enhance food and nutrition security and improve the income of poor households.
  • 365 women benefited from three regional projects through the establishment of women’s networks in the fisheries sector in West Africa. Government policies relating to water, sanitation and hygiene were examined to assess to what extent they embodied a gender perspective.
  • Support was provided on promoting decent rural youth employment and entrepreneurship in agriculture and agri-business.
  • 85 Million hectares of land on the continent have been committed for restoration through the application of the restoration opportunities assessment methodology by 2030. To-date, Benin has committed 0.5 million hectares. The continental target is to restore 100 Million hectares.
  • Built capacity for the inclusion of Agriculture Technical Vocational Education Training (ATVET) in the National Qualification Framework. Based on the economic analysis of two value chains, rice and meat (poultry, pork and goat meat) were selected in the development of an ATVET curricular. The Competency Based approach Training (CBT) in three agriculture training centres.
  • Capacities were also enhanced in agricultural skills and entrepreneurial and commercial knowledge for trainers, youth and women in selected agricultural training centres in three countries including Benin (over 3 000, with women constituting about 30 per cent).
  • Measured the cost of hunger for Benin estimated at USD8.4 million to catalyse coordinated action and inform the design of nutrition-oriented policy frameworks and programmes, with greater investments to eradicate child under-nutrition.
  • Benin will benefit from the Gas-West African Power Pool -Domunli Regional Power Project, which involves the construction of a 450 megawatt combined cycle thermal power plant.