Official Name: Republic of Liberia
Capital: Monrovia
Independence Day: 26 July 1847
Currency: Liberian dollar (LRD)

Key Results

  • 3,305 women benefited from five projects implemented in Liberia by NEPAD Spanish Fund for the Empowerment of African Women.
  • 100 Million hectares of land on the continent have been committed for restoration through the application of the restoration opportunities assessment methodology. To date, Liberia has committed 1 million ha.
  • Liberia also received funding from the Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme (GAFSP), a multilateral mechanism by the G20 to address funding of country and regional agriculture, amounting to USD 47 million.
  • An Agricultural Risk Assessment study was undertaken in Liberia. Results from the study will enabled the country to develop a national risk management strategy including a Capacity Development component that will be integrated into the second generation of CAADP National Investment Plans. Based on the outcomes of the assessment, AFIRM tools and policy instruments will be designed and implemented in the country.
  • The West Africa Power Transmission Corridor programme involves 2,000 km line along the coast connecting with the existing Ghana– Nigeria line with a capacity of 1,000 MW.
  • The Praia-Dakar-Abidjan Multimodal Corridor programme aims improve marine transport and the connection between island and mainland countries by creating a new maritime service between regional ports and facilitating this with a modern information system that links the maritime service with ports and road corridor in the Dakar-Abidjan Corridor.