Official Name: Libya
Capital: Tripoli
Independence Day: 24 December 1951
Currency: Libyan Dinar (LYD)

Key Results

  • Libya is expected to benefit from a continent wide knowledge sharing platform which aims to promote African-owned innovative approaches for skills development and decent employment on the continent. The platform has been endorsed by African ministers.
  • The country is involved in the Desertec Sahara Solar Project which promotes the generation of electricity in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe using renewable sources, such as solar power plants and wind parks.
  • The PIDA programmes in North Africa also include the North Africa Transmission project. This project involves the construction of a 2,700 km line from Morocco to Egypt through Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.
  • The continent’s first Model Law on Medical Products Regulation was endorsed by African Leaders in January 2016. Libya is expected to benefit from the Model Law to increase access to quality and safe drugs and to fight the circulation of fake medical products on the continent.