Official Name: Kingdom of Morocco
Capital: Rabat
Independence Day: 7 April 1956
Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Key Results

  • Morocco is actively involved in the Trans-Maghreb Highway project, which is designed to improve travel for people and goods across the Maghreb countries. The project includes the implementation of a smart corridor system along the highway with Furthermore, One-Stop-Border Post (OSBP). This project is very strategic, not only in the creation and facilitation of a trading block for North Africa, but also for linking the Maghreb with the rest of the continent, including Europe via Morocco and Asia via Egypt.
  • Morocco is involved in the Single African Sky programme, a continental programme launched in 2008 to create a high-level, satellite-based air navigation system for the African continent. The initiative will see the liberalisation of civil aviation in Africa which in-turn will enhance connectivity, and spur trade and tourism, and employment creation. The project contributes to the implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision.
  • Morocco is expected to benefit from a knowledge-sharing platform which aims to promote African-owned innovative approaches for skills development and decent employment on the continent. The platform has been endorsed by African Ministers.
  • The continent’s first Model Law on Medical Products Regulation was endorsed by African Leaders in January 2016. Morocco will benefit from an African Union endorsed Model Law on Medical Products Regulation through increased access to quality and safe drugs and to fight the circulation of fake medical products on the continent.