Official Name: Kingdom of Swaziland
Capital: Lobamba (royal and legislative) and Mbabane (administrative)
Independence Day: 6 September 1968
Currency: Lilangeni (SZL)

Key Results

  • 120 women benefited from entrepreneurship training and the development of three community gardens; the women were also trained in Vaseline and soap production.
  • Swaziland is also among the first 12 countries to have domesticated an adapted version of the African Union Model on Medical Products in 2017.
  • 85 Million hectares of land on the continent have been committed for restoration through the application of the restoration opportunities assessment methodology by 2030. To-date, Swaziland has committed 0.5 million hectares.
  • About 880 000 community members and over 80 policy makers and climate change practitioners, were sensitized on the link between agriculture and climate change through the media. In addition, 1 500 farmers were trained on climate smart practices. A compendium on Climate Smart Agriculture has been developed for the implementation of CSA in Swaziland.