Strategic Dialogue on Advancing Infrastructure Development in Africa

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Event Date:
25 Jun -
Country: Zimbabwe
City: Victoria Falls

The NEPAD Dialogue on Advancing Infrastructure Development in Africa (Dialogue) is a multi-stakeholder consultation aiming at defining concrete policy recommendations for Africa’s leadership that advance infrastructure projects implementation under the umbrella of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA). The dialogue is structured around specific instruments developed by the NEPAD Agency to drive the critical components of infrastructure development on the continent focused on project preparation and the mobilization of private investment.

The 2018 Dialogue will focus on three work streams: (1): How to mobilize African institutional investment for infrastructure development in Africa through the NEPAD 5% Agenda Campaign; (2) Options to scale risk mitigation and operationalize an effective African Guarantee Scheme that enables the mobilization of institutional investment and private finance for African infrastructure projects; and (3): How to create the foundation for the bankability of transboundary projects, including how to enhance the role of the PIDA Service Delivery Mechanism (SDM) in early stage project preparation.

The 2018 Dialogue is a NEPAD initiative led by the Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Program (RIITP) that contributes to other policy sectors such as industrialization and job creation.