Cooperative developement in Rwanda

The FIOM ( Future in our minds) project  assisted 30 community-based groups to transform into 16 legally registered cooperatives in Rwanda.The project benefitted 706 women and 63 men and helped to double the household income of the beneficiaries.

Training was conducted on the Rwandan law governing cooperatives, as well as in financial management, processing of various products, machining techniques and production hygiene, entrepreneurship and marketing. Seven agri-processing centres were established and equipped, and this included supplying ICT equipment and providing training in the use thereof.

Mukamana Daphrose is a beekeeper. She joined Koperative Abavumvu Twiyubake Kabarando where she was trained on beekeeping, an industry formerly dominated by males. The cooperative also trained members in bee wax candle making. The honey and candles were sold to the community and the local market. Through the support of the Fund, the cooperative is now producing more than 600 kilograms of honey every year. “Apart from the usual health insurance and school fees support we receive from the cooperative, I have also become an empowered business woman. I have even managed to buy some livestock to bring in extra income for me and my family,” says Mukamana.