Improving safetyness for women cross-border traders between Mali and Burkina Faso


The GAAS (Group d’animation action au Sahel Mali) project strengthened the economic capacity of women traders based in Mali, who are engaged in cross-border trade with Burkina Faso and transregional marketing of fish. It also developed measures to protect women traders against violence on the routes to market.Total number of beneficiaries: 866 women

Training was reinforced and the payment of medical fees for those undergoing treatment arising from previous incidents of gender-based violence. Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and control of HIV /AIDS infections was further also undertaken.


During the GAAS-Mali (Animation Action Group in Sahel Mali) project a trader discussed safety:

"The training allowed us to learn and exchange information about better trade. I no longer travel with cash, having deposited it in the bank. Six months ago bandits attacked us on the road and removed all those possessing valuables. Those who had earlier deposited theirs in the bank were left alone. I escaped this attack, because I had received suitable training direction”.