Promoting women's participation and leadership in Nigeria

The success of CRUDAN’s (Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria) interventions to promote women’s rights in Nigeria is supported by the following testimonies:

“We are in total support of this project because it is perfectly in line with what we are already doing here, as evidence that this chiefdom is women-friendly, there is a seat reserved for women in the council of chiefs in this kingdom … “ - HRH Dr J.D. Sule Abenga (JP), TER MAKURDI, Benue State (North Central).

“Being a woman leader in my community, I have always had the burden of ensuring that our female children do not go through what we went through. But I never had any clues to overcoming the challenge. This workshop through the formation of the ‘12-12-12 Network’ seems to be the way out. I pray we should all work together to see our dream come true in due course.”- Mrs Isayinka, LEO Community in Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

“For me, this is the first time I have attended a workshop like this, even though I am a teacher in Osun State. This has given me the insight to encourage my female students to be more focused and determined to be successful. I was not aware of the concepts of gender. Truly, it is an eye-opener. I appreciate the convener of the workshop. I shall use the information I got here in my school and among other women in my church.”- Mrs M.C. Ogunwuyi, Islau-Deen High School, Osogbo, Osun State.

“I used to think we shall always continue to have male-folk dominating politics. I didn’t see any ray of hope. When I was invited for this workshop, I didn’t want to come because I felt it is impossible to have women in substantive elective positions. Having heard people speak about what they are doing in their states and local governments, mosques and churches to further promote this, I think I should contribute my quota too. And I am determined to be an advocate of women empowerment. There must be a shift from what it used to be, once we can have a common front. I am glad we have ‘12-12-12 Network’. CRUDAN should help us to ensure it doesn’t die.”- Mrs Tejumade Idris, Powerline Area, Osogbo, Osun State.