AWDF (African Women’s Development Fund)

Project Description

Fund-raising and grant-making initiative to support African women’s movements 

Amount: € 400,000.00


The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) established a fundraising and grant-making initiative, which aimed to support the work of African women’s movement groups. The objective of the project was to mobilise financial resources to support local, national and international initiatives led by women. AWDF awarded grants to 52 African women’s organisations who focused on women’s human rights, economic empowerment and political participation in Western and Eastern Africa.

Key results

AWDF provided funding to organisations across Africa with a focus on the improvement of women and children's rights. The grantee organisations in turn promote gender equality by providing business and vocational skills training to women so as to economically emancipate them. The grantee organisations also facilitated the provision of information surrounding gender rights and the correct application thereof. Several organisations worked to place more women in positions of power which enabled women’s economic and policy reform within the project areas.

Organisations such as The Association of Mothers of Children with Disabilities and the Upper East Single Mother Association targeted women with children who were unable to attend school due to their mothers’ economic situation. The interventions also provided support structures for optimal youth development