AWOMI (African Women Millennium Initiative)

Project Description

Capacity-building, advocacy and mobilisation for budget responsiveness: Ensuring the inclusion of women and youth in economic and poverty reduction policies.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Ghana

Amount: € 153,320.00


The project, undertaken by the African Women Millennium Initiative (AWOMI) which is based in Senegal, sought to mobilise women and youth as agents for change in poor communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Ghana. The project set up monitoring methods in order to enhance the realisation of the young women’s economic and social rights. A key part of this was the development of the Accountability Tracking Tool (ACT), to link commitment to evidence. The programme consisted of month-long gender-sensitivity training on women’s social and economic rights, leading to the identification of country and regional-specific strategies.

Key results

  • AWOMI reached 6500 women through capacity building advocacy and mobilisation for budget responsiveness.  
  • Out of the 6500 reaches, 85 potential women leaders were identified and empowered with skills on monitoring government commitments on economic and social rights for women.