CRUDAN (Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria)

Project Description

Capacity strengthening of CSOs and Women leaders in governance issues in Nigeria for gender equity and justice and reduced discrimination against women

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Amount: € 161,410.00


The CRUDAN (Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria) project successfully improved gender equity and justice, reduced discrimination against women and increased the involvement of women leaders in governance across Nigeria, particularly at the local government level. This was achieved by engaging with 660 stakeholders that included 152 women leaders, 56 women and 36 men from Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), 212 religious and traditional leaders and 180 politicians. Interventions included capacity training and change monitoring workshops for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs); a conference on gender issues for women leaders; convening a women’s forum with 366 participants; convening a lawmakers’ forum and a seminar for traditional and religious leaders on the role of women leaders in governance; and the distribution of 43,750 IEC gender-based documents.

Monitoring visits to women leaders across Nigeria established that a further 27,799 men and 118,415 women were reached through trickle-down training. A further outcome is the Gender Protection Network (GPN) formed in 2013. The impact analysis of the project indicated a marked increase in the involvement of women in governance issues at family, community, organisational and state level. It addresses Aspiration 6 of the AU’s Agenda 2063, and more specifically the goal to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls and ensure their human rights.

Key results

CRUDAN Unleashing the political leadership potential of Women in Nigeria. One of the woman Mrs Tejumade Idris from Powerline Area, Osogbo attended the CRUDAN capacity building training workshop where she received leadership skills training was inspired by other successful women-political leaders, said;  I used to think we shall always continue to have male-folk dominating politics. I didn’t see any ray of hope. When I was invited to this workshop, I didn’t want to come because I felt it is impossible to have women in substantive elective positions. Having heard people speak about what they are doing in their states and local governments, mosques and churches to further promote this, I think I should contribute my quota too. And I am determined to be an advocate of women empowerment. There must be a shift from what it used to be, once we can have a common front. I am glad we have “12-12-12 Network”.

That’s just one example. CRUDAN started to train 700 stakeholders comprised of women leaders, civil society, religious and traditional leaders and politicians.

  • CRUDAN reached more than 110, 000 women and 27, 000 like Mrs Idris through sensitization, capacity development initiatives.  
  • 89 Gender Equality Clubs were established in primary and secondary schools in southern states of Nigeria.