CTPA (Centre de Transformation des Produits Alimentaires)

Project Description

Promotion of Congolese women through transformation

The Democratic Republic of Congo

Amount: € 65,000.00


The project by the CTPA (Centre de Transformation des Produits Alimentaires) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo assisted women to develop skills in processing food products. The development of a Food Processing Centre enhanced the capacities of 400 women to be trained in the field of food processing.  Training was provided to 40 women on cultivation techniques and marketing utilizing 33 hectares of land brought into cultivation during the project period. Replanting of forests was initiated in order to prevent soil erosion, thereby conserving and sustaining arable soil in the region.

Key results

  • CPTA transformed the livelihoods of rural women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through agri-business.
  • Woman-owned food processing centre developed by Centre de Transformation des Produits Alimentaires (CPTA) employed and trained 400 women in instant soya milk powder production, grinding and milling techniques for maize and fruit juice production.
  • The milk that these women produce from the soya, called, SOFYA instant milk is patented, used in school-feeding programs and sold in major pharmacies in DRC.