FOSCAM (Fédération des Organisations de la Société Civile Camerounaise)

Project Description

National Programme on Reduction of Social, Economic and Political Poverty of Women in Republic of Cameroon

Republic of Cameroon

Amount: € 74,195.00


The project, undertaken by the Federation of Cameroonian Civil Society Organisations (FOSCAM) in the Republic of Cameroon aimed to reduce the social, economic and political poverty of women in the country. The project had three distinct, primary objectives. Firstly, the project aimed to stimulate local economic development through micro finance initiatives. Secondly, the project provided business and vocational skills training to women from the Central Region of Cameroon. Finally, the project, held a forum, attended by 60 female delegates, in order to amend the 2003 Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. The amendments included the promotion of gender equity in access to education, vocational training, employment and health.

Key results

  • Following training in entrepreneurship, approximately 100 applications for micro finance projects were considered and 29 projects were selected. The micro funded projects include, inter alia, agricultural activities, marketing, animal husbandry, small catering services, hairdressing and homemade yoghurt production. These projects received support in the form of credit repayable to The Agricultural Cooperative Society (SOCOOPA).
  • The micro financing initiative directly contributed towards employment creation and the betterment of the communities involved.