LANOVA (Ligue Africaine Pour La Non-Violence Active)

Project Description

Caravan Project for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace 2008-2009

Republic of Burundi

Amount: € 32,808.00

The LANOVA (Ligue Africaine Pour La Non-Violence Active) project facilitated actions to strengthen a culture of peace and non-violence to benefit women and children in Burundi and emphasised the role of women in developing a culture of peace in the world. These activities include 3 Marches for Peace, 9 singing contests, 11 sports events, 7 aid distribution sessions for women and children and 3 conferences examining the topic “Violence against women impedes women's involvement in the search for peace”. Most of the conference audience (70%) were women, 32 women participated in the sporting events and 18 females partook in the singing contests.

Key Results

LANOVA project empowered women of the Twubakerugume, located in the Ruhororo commune of the Ngozi Province, the largest victim of the 1993 massacres in northern Burundi. to fight poverty. Apart from building confidence and social cohesion through the cultural activities the project empowered women through with crop production and farming with livestock. In addition, 15 women were trained in modern agricultural techniques. The project also conducted distribution sessions where food and other essentials to vulnerable women and children were provided.