MINFAMU (Ministério da Família e Promoção da Mulher)

Project Description

Support for Gender Issues in Angola


Amount: € 250,000.00

The MINFAMU project addressed domestic violence against women in Angola, where 32,020 GBV victims were assisted between 2008 and 2010 and 600 advisors benefitted from the project. The project established a database on domestic violence to improve the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistical information on domestic violence against women. Other establishment of Family Counselling Centres; training family counsellors and community agents on domestic violence; construction of a Shelter House to accommodate victims of violence; building of a Referral Family Counselling Center (CAF); refurbishing Family Counselling Centres; strengthening support services to victims of domestic violence by conducting training workshops across the country and producing training manuals on legal and family counselling and the Law on Domestic Violence.

Key Results

Women victims of domestic violence were empowered through access to professional care and support in counselling sessions at Family Counselling Centres; access to quality accommodation. Further outcomes include the adoption of the Law on Domestic Violence in 2011 that criminalises and penalizes any occurrence of domestic-based violence. Information relating to this law was widely disseminated by means of workshops as well as through TV and radio debates. While 12,000 women set up their own small-scale businesses in the province of Tanganyika. 2,000 women were empowered with innovative agricultural technologies skills to increase production, awareness raising skills on how to address the sexual exploitation of girls.