WOUGNET ( Women of Uganda Network)

Project Description

Project: Enhancing Income growth among Small and Micro Women Entrepreneurs through ICT

Country: Uganda

Amount: 35,315 Euros


The WOUGNET (Women of Uganda Network) project focused on enhancing the income generating potential of female entrepreneurs who own small and micro businesses, through the use of Information Communications Technology (ICT). The project targeted women from the Ibanda, Mukono and Apac districts of Uganda. In total, the project expanded the capacity of 150 female entrepreneurs in utilising ICT to effectively manage and streamline their business operations. The establishment of an online portal empowered the women, by providing them with contextually relevant information regarding small and micro-business development in Uganda and by offering a platform for the women to advertise, sell and market their products. This project is clearly aligned to the aspirations set out in the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and more specifically Goal 2 emphasising the need for well-educated citizens and a skills revolution underpinned by science, technology, and innovation.

Key results

  • 150 women from the Ibanda, Mukono and Apac districts of Uganda benefited from ICT and business skills development training. An online trading and information portal was established on which the women could advertise, sell and market their products. The women learnt how to apply ICT to their businesses, which helped them to reduce costs and improve record keeping.
  • ICT training enhanced the income generating capacity of the 150 women from the Ibanda, Mukono and Apac districts of Uganda who were involved in the project. The female entrepreneurs found that the establishment of the online portal and the ICT training increased their incomes by reducing costs via the streamlining of business operations and by providing them access to new markets to sell their goods and services.