WRAP (Women's Rights Awareness Program)

Project Description

The Economic Empowerment of Abused and Violated Women in Nairobi, Kenya

Republic of Kenya

Amount: € 207,918.00


The Women’s Rights Awareness Programme (WRAP) is a human rights organisation that creates awareness and advocates for the rights of women and children and addresses the needs of abused and violated women by providing shelter and other supportive services in Kenya. WRAP used the disbursement provided by the NEPAD Spanish Fund for African Women Empowerment to economically empower abused and violated women from the Mathare, Huruma, Githurai and Kiambio slums of Nairobi, by helping them identify economic opportunities and enhance their skills.

Key results

  • By creating support groups for women in abusive relationships, the women worked together to generate their own income and become financially independent, thereby providing a means to leave abusive relationships.
  • 274 women from 4 informal settlements in Nairobi were provided with the means to become financially independent from their abusive partners.
  • 251 women began their own small businesses while 23 women worked on various income generating activities established by WRAP, to provide shelter and support services to abused women.