CEO’s Visit to Nouakchott, Mauritania

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On the 10th of May 2014, NEPAD CEO Dr Ibrahim Mayaki met with Mauritania’s President Mouhamed Ould Abdel Aziz. They discussed NEPAD’s activities, Infrastructure, Environment as well as Partnerships. President Abdel Aziz, who is the current Chairperson of African Union, demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of NEPAD’s Programmes. He underscored a number important priorities, such as renewable energy.

Mauritania’s energy sector has experienced considerable progress particularly in the fields of solar and wind. The CEO, who was accompanied by Ambassador Amadou Diallo from NEPAD’s Dakar Regional Office and the Mauritania NEPAD focal point, Ambassador Abdallah Ould Ahmed Damou, toured a Solar Power Plant in the suburb of Nouakchott; this plant provides nearly 10 percent of the electrical energy of the City.

Dr Mayaki also held meetings with Ministers of Rural Development and Agriculture, Fisheries and the Petroleum Mining sector.


Dr Mayaki with Ambassador Amadou Diallo from NEPAD’s Dakar Regional Office(l) and the Mauritania NEPAD focal point, Ambassador Abdallah Ould Ahmed Damou(r) 

The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development (CAADP) process was the main issue discussed at the Rural Development Ministry. It was agreed that a Review Mission will be soon sent to Mauritania to reactivate the process.

They also noted that the current best practices of Mauritania fisheries sector should be shared continentally. One important point was to use President Abdel Aziz’s leadership to mainstream these best practices during his AU Chairmanship. Economic reports say that Mauritania, which enjoys the largest reserves of fish in the region, could supply 50 percent of the demands of the markets.


Picture courtesy of Middle East Online

With regard to the petroleum and mining sector, it was agreed that Mauritania be positioned as a component of the Power Africa Initiative.  The US-backed Iinitiative aims to support economic growth and development by increasing access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy in Africa in support of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA).

NEPAD’s Head of the Energy Programme, Professor Elmissiry will soon interact with his colleagues of the Energy Ministry, to finalize an adequate packaging of a renewable energy project.