Dr. Mayaki meets with former Presidents Jacques Chirac, Abdou Diouf…addresses the ACBF

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On the 29th of September 2010, Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of the NEPAD Agency, met with former French President Jacques Chirac in Paris, France. Discussions were held on potential areas of collaboration between the NEPAD Agency and the Foundation Jacques Chirac. It is in this regard that the former President agreed to explore support for the NEPAD African Medicines Regulatory Initiative through his Foundation.


A day before this – on the 28th of September, Dr. Mayaki met with President Abdou Diouf the General Secretary of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). The discussions held between the two dignitaries revolved around the development of an MOU between the NEPAD Agency and OIF with particular attention being paid to: institutional support to NEPAD and advocacy on the NEPAD agenda through the OIF networks.


Between the 28th and 29th September, Dr. Mayaki addressed African Capacity Building Foundation High Level Forum in Paris on rethinking regional integration in Africa.