The Gambia Takes the Lead in Achieving Sustainable Energy For All in Africa

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The NEPAD Agency, Ministry of Energy of The Gambia and ACP Business Climate facility (BizClim) in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have launched two strategic action documents on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) in The Gambia today.

The Gambia is the first country in Africa to produce its own Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus to accelerate the implementation of SE4ALL, which focuses on three goals. These are doubling the share of renewable energy, doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvement, and achieving universal access to energy by 2030.

The Gambia’s SE4ALL Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus are being validated and adopted on December 10 and 11, at a high-level meeting in Banjul, gathering 70 participants, representatives from The Gambian Ministry of Energy, Gambian energy sector, African Union, Regional Economic Communities, private sector, civil society and development partners.

Prof. Mosad Elmissiry

SE4ALL is a global initiative led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Africa has taken the lead in responding to the Initiative with 44 African countries out of 84 globally having opted in. Member States are required to set up mechanisms to make universal access to durable modern energy services a priority.

“The Gambia is leading the process of achieving the SE4All objectives, not only in the West African region, but also at the continental and global level,” Head of NEPAD’s Energy Programme, Professor Mosad Elmissiry said. He noted that the country is moving forward towards achieving its goals by utilising its energy resources more efficiently and effectively, to support sustainable growth.


(from l-r) Prof. Mosad Elmissiry; Mr Momodou Njie, Permanent Secretary, Gambian Ministry of Energy; Hon. Dr. Edward Saja Sanneh, Gambian Minister of Energy

“Achieving sustainable energy for all is an ambitious but achievable goal and the Gambia is ready to be at the forefront,” said Hon. Minister Dr. Edward Saja Sanneh, Minister of Energy of The Gambia. 

The two documents will help to set actions and secure financing of high priority energy projects to implement and achieve the SE4All targets in the country.


Prof. Mosad Elmissiry with Mrs  Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje

Sustainable energy represents an area of tremendous opportunity for The Gambia as it will support the country’s rapid growth and increase the low rate of energy access in rural areas. The National Action Agenda includes measures to favor investment opportunities in renewable energy resources, energy access and energy efficiency projects.


(l-r) Mrs Safiatou Alzouma, Regional Programme Officer, IRENA; Mr Bernard Baranereka, African Union Commission and Ambassadeur Amadou Diallo Senior Programme Officer, NEPAD West Africa Agency

The Investment Prospectus highlights 18 priority projects proposed by Gambian-based institutions and actors that will be communicated to potential investors, increasing their awareness and interest for energy projects in The Gambia.