NEPAD is heading the right way- Algeria

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/28/2015 - 13:46

As part of his on-going engagements at the United Nations during the NEPAD Africa week, CEO Dr Ibrahim Mayaki held a bilateral meeting with Algeria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Mr Mourad Benmehidi.

Dr Mayaki said NEPAD attaches a lot of importance to its partnership with Algeria. He also briefed the Ambassador on the forth-coming Dakar Financing Summit on investment in African infrastructure. The CEO said the issue of tapping into Africa’s own resources for development mainly from the private sector is taking centre-stage.

Ambassador Benmehidi said NEPAD was headed in the right direction and under the leadership of Dr Mayaki, the Agency now has a face.  He welcomed the idea of the Dakar Financing Summit saying Algeria is trying in all its engagements to identify a development process with a positive spin-off to model as a best practise. “The Dakar Summit, if successful could prove just that, ” said Benmehidi.