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Most of NEPAD’s implementation happens at country and regional level. To effectively support and coordinate this process NEPAD’s country office focal points have been working with stakeholders and partners in their countries through policy and technical advice.

NEPAD Kenya which is now situated in the new Ministry of Devolution and National Planning serves as an operational coordinating secretariat for the implementation of NEPAD’s priority programmes and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). In addition, in 2003 Heads of States of the East African Community mandated Kenya to be the regional coordinator of NEPAD activities in Eastern Africa.

Among some of its key functions, the NEPAD Kenya Secretariat works to intensify national institutions participation in the activities NEPAD. It also markets the NEPAD initiative among the business community in Kenya and oversees regional projects that have a direct link with national priorities;


The structure is headed by national Chief Executive Officer Lillian Mbogo-Omollo and a work force of twenty one.



At a recent meeting with a team from the NEPAD Agency in Johannesburg, Director of Corporate Services Bankole Adeoye said NEPAD Kenya was a good model on how a well-established structure coordinates its horizontal activities with various stakeholders. He also said there were advantages in the secretariat being placed in the Planning Ministry because it ensured that NEPAD was part of the national planning processes.