North-South Corridor Road/Rail Project

Project Description

Champion : H.E. President Jacob Zuma of the Republic of South Africa

Description : Construction of a multi-modal trans-continental interconnector

Estimated total cost : N/A. Cost is based on the specific project within the corridor

RECs : N/A. Cost is based on the specific project within the corridor

Countries : South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Malawi

Background : The project is defined as a multi-modal (road, rail and ports) trans-continental interconnector, ultimately connecting Cape Town in the south and Cairo in the north. South Africa champions this project, which will involve numerous countries and RECs. The project entails several components, all of which are in various stages of the development lifecycle. These include road, rail, bridge, border post and energy projects. In the short term, 1 041 km of road must be upgraded, with another 5 156 km due for upgraded in the next two to five years. The corridor will ensure easy border crossing for both people and goods and will increase the efficiency and capacity of the transport sector. This, in turn, will speed up regional integration and will increase regional trade, while leading to cost savings.

Current Status: A number of hard and soft infrastructure issues and projects are currently being addressed. To date there are various projects at various stages of the project life cycle comprised of road, rail, bridge, border posts and energy projects. The completion of Beit Bridge Border Post as part of the North-South Corridor has been prioritised by the Government of South Africa.

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