African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE)

The African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) is a continent-wide biosafety service and resource network for African regulators and policymakers. ABNE is an African-led and -based initiative conceptualised under the NEPAD Agency’s Consolidated Plan of Action (CPA) and is designed to fulfil the recommendations of the 2007 report by the High-Level African Panel on Modern Biotechnology – Freedom to Innovate. The overall goal of ABNE is to support advancement of science and technology for agricultural development in Africa through the establishment of functional biosafety systems.

ABNE offers biosafety capacity building services aimed at empowering African regulators with science based information. The network draws on available expertise, resources and infrastructure, and develops capacity and linkages with institutions within Africa and globally. It enables African countries to harness modern agricultural biotechnology for improved food security, income and livelihoods, while minimising potential risks to the environment and human health. The programme is designed to provide scientific and technical information, training, education and advisory support on the design and production of guides presenting standard operating procedures and practical biosafety guidelines. ABNE is also involved in facilitating policy dialogue that brings together African regulators, policymakers, scientists, and other relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international levels. ABNE has been providing expertise to African countries in the effective and safe use of science and biotechnology for agricultural development.