The CAADP Country Process

  • The CAADP Country Process is critical and must be embraced by countries in order to lay the ground for the Malabo Declaration and the delivery of the associated targets through the NAIPs.
  • The participative nature of the CAADP Country Process, including reliance on evidence and mutual learning and accountability, makes the NAIPs nationally owned by all stakeholders.
  • The CAADP Country Process, anchored in the NAIPs, which are closely aligned with national planning frameworks, calls for strong inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms, including the central role of the Ministry of Finance and Planning to move the country forward toward achieving the Malabo Declaration targets.
  • National policy frameworks, strategies and plans should mainstream women and young people as special target groups with special needs.
  • Strong and visionary leadership has proven an asset in making the Country Process effective and efficient in delivering the expected outputs in a timely manner.