Country Agribusiness Partnership Frameworks (CAP-F): Mainstreaming Private Sector Action into NAIPs


The Country Agribusiness Partnership Framework is not a stand-alone initiative. It streamlines existing interventions to ensure an effective CAADP process that delivers on commitments of AU Heads of State and Government to enhance investment in agriculture.

Operationalisation of CAP-F at country level will:

  • Support stakeholders to identify systemic policy issues inhibiting agribusiness development, prioritise policy challenges and identify suitable options for resolution.
  • Support countries to mobilise and unlock agricultural investment financing from private sector players, governments and development partners.
  • Play a key role in matching investment finance with key gaps and needs along value chains, ensuring that investments are channelled where they are needed most.
  • Serve as a dynamic inventory and registry of each country’s partnerships and commitments on investments and policy changes.