Market Opportunities and Challenges for African Aquaculture Products


Market-based economies are strengthening throughout Africa and development goals are taking account of this through a focus on harnessing the value chains to meet market demands.

Commercial aquaculture has a clear role in value chains for fish/seafood with potential attributes of freshness, consistency and value.

A value chain approach to aquaculture market development will enable African countries to clearly identify both constraints and opportunities for the development of the sector. It also recognizes the need to focus on profit and competition as driving forces to improve both product quality and production efficiency.

This policy brief recommends improving documentation and communication of market information for all value chain participants; enhancing price competitiveness; driving up quality and ensuring food safety; as well as identifying and addressing technical weaknesses.

Governments should ensure well-regulated access to natural resources, including water and land for aquaculture production; developing additional strategic support mechanisms; and promoting industry-wide organization and cooperation to enhance present market opportunities.