Le Sénégal prend part depuis le 17 septembre 2018 au siège de ONU Environnement à Nairobi (Kenya), à la septième session extraordinaire de la Conférence ministérielle africaine de l’environnement (CMAE). - click here to read more.


WWF has been recognized for supporting the protection and restoration of species and their habitats by strengthening the capacity of local communities to take charge of their environment resources in Africa. This recognition was presented by NEPAD Agency, the technical body of the African Union, during an award ceremony on the evening of 19 September at UN Complex in Nairobi.

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The first African Environment Partnership Platform opened on Thursday, September 20, 2018 in Kenya's capital Nairobi. The environment summit is the brainchild of African Union's development agency, NEPAD, which is aiming to drive Africa's  environmental sustainability agenda and strengthen the continental architectures for sustainable environment management. Click here, to read more.