Goal 1
United Africa (Federal or Confederate)
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Framework and Institutions for a United Africa (Political and economic integration)

Free movement of persons and goods/services within REC member states is in place
Visa at point of entry for Africans on arrival is allowed
Opportunities offered to REC citizens extended to other Non REC citizens
Active member of the African Free Trade Area
Volume of intra-African trade is at least three times the 2013 level
Volume of trade with African Island States is increased by at least 10%
Visa at point of entry for Africans on arrival is allowed
All visa requirements for intra-African travel waived by 2018 and a legal framework adopted by 2023 for the issuance of African Common Passport
Draft Legal Framework for continental government developed by 2025
Continental Free Trade Areas established by 2018
Regional Courts fully functional by 2023
African Common Market is established by 2025
Pan African Institute of Statistics fully functional by 2023
Pan African Intellectual Property
Organization (PAIPO) is fully functional by 2023
African Observatory for Science, Technology and Innovation is fully functional by 2023
African Scientific and Innovation Council (ASIC) is fully functional
Annual African Forum commences by 2016
African Economic Forum for Business is established and operational by 2021
African Trade Observatory established by 2020
African Business Council is established by 2018
African Trade Conference is held by 2017
Research on Free Movement of People with the context of the African Economic Community is completed by 2016 and findings implemented by 2017
All forms of colonialism eliminated including the preservation of national sovereignty as per Article II of the OAU Charter prior to any eventual African political integration
SHaSA II is prepared within the context of First Ten Year Implementation Plan by 2015
Goal 2
Key Continental Financial and Monetary Institutions established and functional
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Financial and Monetary Institutions

African Monetary Union is established by 2023 (Draft legal framework establishing the African Monetary Fund finalized by 2023)

Priority Areas: Modern and Livable Habitats and Basic Quality Services

No National targets
Goal 3
World Class Infrastructure crisscrosses Africa
2023 Targets

Priority Areas: Communications and Infrastructure Connectivity

At least national readiness for implementation of the trans African Highway Missing link is achieved
Skies fully opened to African airlines
At least national readiness for in country connectivity to the African High Speed Rail Network is achieved by 2019
Increase electricity generation and distribution by at least 50% by 2020
Double ICT penetration and contribution to GDP
Realize at least 70% increase in broadband accessibility by 2020
Digital broadcasting is achieved as the norm by 2016
Attain 100% mobile penetration by 2020
Regional Power Pools fully operational by 2020
INGA Dam is commissioned by 2025
At least 20% of the construction on the first pilot project on the African High Speed Train Network is completed
Program for Infrastructural Development of African Island States developed by 2020
Continental TV Station / pan African E Network in Place by 2023
United Africa (Federal or Confederate)